Nearing the end of the Beacon Saga with Beacon – Part VII!

May 16, 2014 in General Topics, Slideshow Topic

Read Beacon – Part VII today!

Beacon - Part VIIIt’s the last short-length installment before the conclusion of the Beacon Saga. I’m proud to release Beacon – Part VII, available for purchase now. It’s just over seventeen thousand words.

Releasing this installment gets to the subject of concluding this long odyssey, which I’ll get to in a moment. But here’s the obligatory links first:

You can go to Part VII’s page to find it on your choice of ereader platforms. If you’ve never started the series, give it a shot with Part I, for FREE (where available).

Here’s the blurb:

Alliances collapse. War rages. But a child’s secret could overshadow it all. Part VII of the Beacon Saga.

Mally, Tersias and Nastron take a ship helmed by a dangerous pilot to a secret meeting in the heart of Beacon’s deadliest layer. Thrat suspects a growing plot against Baelick, and finds himself having to make hard choices. An incredible theory comes to light. This, and more, in the last installment before the Beacon Saga’s conclusion.

A serial installment of seventeen thousand words.

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The Conclusion of the Beacon Saga

Long-time readers are probably asking: where’s this ride end?

I wanted to take some time to be up-front with everyone on what’s ahead.

First–as you’ve probably figured out–the next installment will be the very last entry in the Beacon Saga. All these plot threads from the prior seven installments will find their resolution, like a ship finally launching into orbit after months of preparation. Great powers will clash and events of many years prior will come to light, along with what it all means for Mally, Tersias, Rurek, Thrat, Nastron, and everyone else. And then there’s the matter of these strange phenomena witnessed by those in the refugee fleet…

I can’t wrap that all up in a short installment, and I don’t want to. I want to go out with a bang, a grand thrill-ride that is true to both the story thus far and what readers deserve. I want to have room to spread out across the page and really end this Saga in grand fashion. To that end, the final installment of the Beacon Saga will be a special finale-length piece. My initial estimate is somewhere around novella-length, i.e. likely at least fifty thousand words, if not much more. By comparison, Part I was six thousand words, and Part V–the longest installment so far–was eighteen thousand words.

This final installment will be priced at $2.99. This price was arrived at because it’s common to see other serial authors do the same with their final installments, and since this concluding work will basically be the length of three regular installments, I think it’s fair. Plus, I’m sure folks recognize that all that extra length means more time and more expense for myself and my publishing company.

The only tradeoff is it’s going to take time to get this final installment together, and on the personal front, I have a newborn on the way in late May! So I want to warn everyone in advance: you won’t see this installment for at least a few months.

After that–what’s next? I have some ideas, and I’ll share those the next time we touch base on the Beacon Saga. For now, I encourage you to spread the word and bring others onboard. It’s the ideal time for them to get started on the series ahead of the finale.

There’s always room in the fleet.

Stay tuned.