Jonathan C. Gillespie’s work has been published in the United States, the UK, and South Africa, in a variety of formats, and has been nominated for multiple awards.

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“Todd Elrin and the Forever Reset”
The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, Episode 137, November 2012 :: online (free audio)
Must tomorrow be?

Well Told Tales, Episode 53, June 2009 :: online (free audio)

As originally seen in…

Afterburn SF, September 2007 :: online
To fight a corrupted ocean, you need a new kind of soldier.

“On Dasher!”
The Drabblecast, Number 95, December 28, 2008 :: online (free audio)
Dash away, dash away. Dash away, all.

“Best in Class”
Murky Depths, Issue 6, Fall 2008 :: print
700 horsepower. Leather. Fusion-based drive system. And good intentions.

“The Eighteenth Floor”
Something Wicked, Issue 8, October 2008 :: print
Father and son and something else.

“Old Clara’s Favorites”
The Drabblecast, May 21, 2008 :: online (free audio)
Old Clara only bought gourds. Do you wonder why?

“One Night at Ollie’s Stump”
Sniplits, Spring 2008 :: online
If experience is a wizard’s best teacher, then collateral damage is his classmate.

“Upon a New Road”
Spinetingler Magazine, Fall 2007 :: online (free)
Things change when borders come crashing down.

“Paston, Kentucky”
Murky Depths, Issue 1, September 2007 :: print
Death on a trillion legs. The last city of man. A suicide mission.

“Tex’s Last Run”
Apex Online, the official website of Apex Digest (Now Apex Magazine), November 2007. :: online

As first seen in…

OG’s Speculative Fiction, Issue 4, January 2007 :: online (free) :: print
Marooned merchants sink all hope in an animal that shouldn’t exist.