99 cent books! (September 2017)

September 19, 2017 in General Topics, Other Stuff

99 Cent Science Fiction and Fantasy Books!

I hope you enjoyed last week’s promotion, and found a number of new works to enjoy.

This week we’re pleased to present a number of 99 cent discounted eBooks from a host of science fiction and fantasy authors. If you’d like to check out this deal, just click the image below:

In case you can’t see the above image, you can access the promotion through the below link:


Have a terrific day!

This month’s book deals (September 2017)

September 14, 2017 in Other Stuff

Offers valid September 11th – 17th

Fall is my favorite season, and I hope yours is off to a wonderful start. If you’ve been in the path of these storms, my prayers are with you.

That said, I do have some good news. We have some deals coming your way. The first of these is a massive free book promotion, in which you can find Parts I and II of the Beacon Saga Serial, alongside more than a hundred other titles:

In case you’d rather have a direct link, kindly use: http://sffbookbonanza.com/free-books-sep-2017/

The Prolific Reader

I wanted to send a reminder about author Melanie Tomlin’s rather excellent site, where she lists (among other things) permanently free books. Check it out at:


The Third (and Final) Tyrant Strategy Book

Just yesterday I received the draft for the third and final TYRANT STRATEGY book back from my editor. This means it’s down to my final review while an artist nails down the artwork, then it’ll be on to publication. If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, it’s an excellent time to start. As of this email, Revenant Man, the first book in the series, is just $.99 and available at the link below:


That’s it for now. Have a great start to your fall!

This month’s book deals (June 2017)

June 13, 2017 in Other Stuff

Deals run from June 12th through June 18th

This month we’re highlighting two more titles from my library. The first of these is Sojourns Through Troubled Worlds, my collection of science fiction short stories. It contains short fiction tales that appeared in magazines and podcasts, such as “Best in Class”, a multiple-award nominee about a little drive through the apocalypse. Check it out and other authors’ titles in this month’s collection of $.99 books:

In case you’d rather have a direct link, kindly use: http://sffbookbonanza.com/99c-books/

If you’re looking for more deals, then how about some free fiction? My short tale “The Outlaw Contractions”, a story about aliens interfering with abortions–yes, I go there–is available alongside a bevy of other books in this month’s free book mega promotion:

The direct link to that is http://sffbookbonanza.com/freebooks/

Finally, I wanted to highlight an excellent site you can use to discover your next favorite author. It’s called The Prolific Reader, and it’s a rapidly-growing repository and blog of books offered for free. I’ll be keeping it on your radar now and then because I think it’s a nice addition to the other kinds of offers we regularly run. This is because The Prolific Reader is not genre-specific, so it’s fantastic if you regularly branch out beyond the science fiction, fantasy and horror offerings you’ll see me mention in other promotions. 

You can access the Prolific Reader website athttps://melanietomlin.com/tpr-freebies/

That’s all for now. Happy reading!

Free Books, now until April 16th!

April 11, 2017 in General Topics, Other Stuff


This month’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Bonanza promo features more than one hundred science fiction and fantasy titles. It’s a terrific opportunity to discover new books and authors, and more than a few of these folks are bestsellers posting lead-ins to well-regarded series. Just click the link below to grab those books:


I’ve chosen to highlight Parts I and II of the Beacon Saga Serial, available as a single download in the format of your choice. It’s a great way to start the Saga.

Enjoy, with our thanks!

Free Science Fiction & Fantasy Books through the 19th of February!

February 15, 2017 in Other Stuff

Looking to score a huge haul of free and sample versions of a ton of science fiction and fantasy books? Now’s your chance. I’m pleased to announce a reader’s sample version of Revenant Man is just one of many titles you’ll find in this huge basket of books. There’s something for everyone, from fantasy romance to sci-fi techno-thrillers.

Don’t let me keep you waiting. Head over to http://sffbookbonanza.com/freebooks/ and check it out!