Cindered Souls, Now Available!

October 6, 2012 in General Topics

Cindered SoulsToday I’m pleased to release another fiction collection. Five spine-tingling horror tales haunt Cindered Souls, now available for your Kindle, Nook, Kobo or app compatible with either of those three platforms, for only $1.99.

Pick up a copy on Amazon (Kindle), Kobo Books (Kobo), or Barnes & Noble (Nook).

A serial arsonist encounters a copycat with a deadly secret (“Consumed”). A terrible force stalks an isolated North Dakota widower (“The Encroacher”). Father and son battle for survival at the lonely apex of “The Eighteenth Floor” (an honorable mention for Best Horror of the Year, Volume 1). A thru-hiker on the Appalachian Trail finds himself watched by something in the forest canopy (“Trail Angel”). A mail carrier’s route changes for the worse in “Anypeople”. These five short fiction phantasms await the reader in Cindered Souls, author Jonathan C. Gillespie’s first-ever horror collection.

Cindered Souls: Contents under pressure.

“The Encroacher” is still available in free audio, at the time of this publication, via a well-regarded podcast site (the last episode of Variant Frequencies), and “The Eighteenth Floor” was once published in print, but this book features all-new versions, revised for content—and even better quality.

(Parental warning: If you find the podcast episode for “The Encroacher”, listen to it before your kids do. It is not edited for content.)

Three of the tales have never been seen anywhere, and they include some I thought a flat-out an injustice to leave shelved any longer. I do hope you agree.

So grab your copy, with my sincere thanks, lock your doors and bar your windows, and enjoy fiction for every reader. And by all means, please spread the word.

Stay tuned.