Notice for Recent Buyers of Beacon – Part II for Nook

January 20, 2015 in General Topics

Recently I ran a promotion advertising two free books, the serial installments Beacon (Part I) and Beacon – Part II (parts of the Beacon Saga Serial). There was an issue with the advertisement, which was set up by the marketing site, which erroneously indicated that Beacon – Part II was free on Barnes & Noble, i.e. for Nook.

I’d made the company aware before the add ran that Part II was not free on Nook. We’re all human, so I’m not throwing anyone under the bus, but I do want everyone to be clear about what happened. I also want to fix this.

If you mistakenly purchased Beacon – Part II on Nook (for $.99), as a result of this add, I’m openly encouraging you to use the “return” or “refund” option offered by Barnes & Noble. Please do.

Please note you can download a truly free Beacon – Part II from my catalog of books available on Smashwords. Just click here.

In addition, I’d like to make you an offer: a free ebook of $2.99 or less from my library of works, from Smashwords, which you can then sideload into your Nook. To claim your free ebook, please do the following:

1) Send me an email message to my email address and include a copy of your purchase receipt from B&N (Nook) for “Beacon – Part II”.
2) Indicate in the email which free book you’d like a copy of from my Smashwords catalog at:

Please note: In order to be eligible for this free book, your purchase must have taken place between January 17th-20th, and only from Barnes and Noble’s site (or directly through your Nook, if applicable).

I’ll then get back to you with your free book’s coupon code.

My sincere apologies for this issue and any inconvenience it has caused. Again–it wasn’t me!