Picking the Ball Back Up

November 14, 2014 in General Topics

Yes, an update post. I said a while back I wasn’t going to do these anymore, because meta bores readers, but this one seemed important to make.

I told myself that after the release of the concluding installment to the Beacon Saga Serial, I might take a well-deserved break. Given the race involved with placing that final installment into the wild, I would have certainly been justified in doing so. A week or two wouldn’t kill me, right?

Really, though, I’m not that kind of author. When I can move the ball down the court, I like to do so. I like to be productive. I also like to keep my readers informed of just what’s in store for them in the future.

Both of these drivers have dovetailed into the subject of today’s blog post. It’s time to tie everyone in, formally, on what my next projects will be, and what’s in the pipe over the next several months.

The Beacon Saga Omnibus

First, I’m going to be releasing the Beacon Omnibus at some point either late this year or early next year. As one might imagine, this will contain all installments of the Saga in one convenient package. I’m debating adding some bonus content, too, but we’ll have to see if that’s the route I go or not. Most of what I would add would need an editor’s perusal, and I’m just not sure if I want to incur that additional cost.

The Omnibus will be priced in such a way that buying it as opposed to the individual installments will save the reader some money.

The Tyrant Strategy

Eagle-eyed readers might have noticed that The Tyrant Strategy: Revenant Man is no longer for sale in ebook form anywhere (at least, not anywhere I have direct control over). The paperback is still available from Amazon and certain other sellers, but I’m going to be removing it from any listings I can very soon.

I’m obsessed with quality. The ugly truth about that first book was that it wasn’t to my standards, despite my best efforts at making it such. I won’t go into specifics, but anyone with a critical eye probably noticed the issues during their reading.

I’ve also improved dramatically as a writer since publishing that book. As there are a host of other changes that need to be made to the text, I decided to go the nuclear route–I am completely rewriting the novel. As I type these words, I stand 10k deep into the new manuscript.

The beauty of doing this is that I can re-release the new book the way it should have been, and have a suitable first entry in this series. My goal over the next year, God willing, is to get as many of the full-length Tyrant Strategy novels released as possible. There are going to be at least three books in the series, possibly more. Given that I already have a draft for the second book in the pipe, I’m hoping these won’t take as long to release as the Beacon Saga. We’ll see.

Frankly, I need the books released. While the Beacon Saga Serial has done fairly well, it isn’t the money maker I wish it was, primarily due to the format involved. Serials rub some people the wrong way. The Omnibus will help out some, but there’s no doubt that having full-length novels meets expectations for more readers.

I suppose one could argue I shouldn’t be that candid in a public blog post, but I’ve always wanted to be honest with my reader base, so there it is. I look at is as letting you all know that I’m just as motivated to get these books out as you are to read them.

That, and I think the Tyrant Strategy is going to knock your socks off your feet and throw you into the wall.