April 1, 2011 in General Topics

Ugh. I hate it when this happens: the ideas are there, but won’t fire me up.

I find almost universally when I have some fiction ideas floating around that I am not crazy about just yet – then force myself to try writing with them in my head – the end results are questionable. Like plants, my ideas have to germinate properly before I try transferring them to soil. I have to be pulling at my own chain to go before I actually type.

You ever see Jack Russell races? I want the enthusiasm of one of those terriers before I ever place my fingers to the keyboard. I’ve got two solid plot lines I’ve thought of, with supporting charatcers. The problem is one of them could be a very enjoyable novel plot (or novel series) plot at some point, and I’m having a hard time deciding if I want to liquidate it now or “long” it, investment style, for possible a bigger payout down the future.

I digress. Back to work.

Stay tuned.