Finished a novel for a friend; Writing Roadblock

August 25, 2011 in General Topics

I recently had the pleasure to read the first draft of Gareth D. Jones’ novel Gap Years. I’m impressed.
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Ideas Congealing…

April 11, 2011 in General Topics

…like a hot mud puddle on a summer day. Gee, am I letting my southern upbringing come out? I think so.
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April 1, 2011 in General Topics

Ugh. I hate it when this happens: the ideas are there, but won’t fire me up.
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Literary Burnout

June 25, 2008 in General Topics

Last night, I put about 900 words down in the outline for my novel.

Today, I just haven’t been able to muster up the motivation to go after it any further. It’s like I’m stuck in sludge.

Worst thing about this is that I’m a compulsive writer. Not only have I put nothing of value down today, I’ll feel guilty about having not done so.

Maybe it’s good to take a mental day off. Either that, or the Internet and its various distractions are the scourge of this craft. YouTube was invented to kill literature, I swear.

I have several ideas I want to write on. Initially my plan was to work exclusively on my novel — I’ve written two before — but I keep having these short story ideas that demand purchase in my time.

Don’t let anyone ever kid you into thinking writers don’t have days where they’re not motivated. I just can’t get in gear today.

I’ll hang it up and come back to it tomorrow, I suppose.