We have a winner!

October 21, 2013 in General Topics

We have a winner in our raffle to win a Kindle Paperwhite, which ended at midnight last night:

Our winner is Michael R. Thanks for entering–and reading–everyone!


August 2, 2013 in General Topics

The other day I was talking to my friend and colleague, Susan Kaye Quinn, about our respective serials. Susan is a solid writer currently tearing up the charts with her Debt Collector series, which features a reluctant young man named Lirium (short for Delirium). Lirium has the astounding ability to harness and transfer life force from one person to another, and he does it all under the full sanction of the government.

We thought it would be fun to pit our worlds against each other: the chilling world of Susan’s Debt Collector serial against the dying universe of the Beacon Saga . You get to vote which you’d rather live in! And enter to win a free episode from each serial!
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The Spookaganza Giveaway

October 18, 2012 in General Topics

Our friends over at Incredible Indie eBooks are hosting a Rafflecopter featuring a number of terrific titles that three lucky winners will receive…including the horror short fiction collection I just released this month, Cindered Souls.

You can find more information on their blog post, but I’m also including the Rafflecopter entry form right below. So enter, share, and you might win a slew of great horror books:
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Goodreads Giveaway: The Tyrant Strategy: Revenant Man

September 24, 2012 in General Topics

First question: How would you like your very own paperback copy of The Tyrant Strategy: Revenant Man, the first part in my epic military sci-fi thriller series, The Tyrant Strategy?

You do? Okay, that brings us to the second question: How would you like your very own autographed paperback copy of The Tyrant Strategy: Revenant Man?

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Contest Results (Horror Short Fiction collection)

September 20, 2012 in General Topics

Well, folks, unfortunately no one came up with an ideal name for my horror fiction collection, but one of you got the ball rolling the right direction, and that person is:

Janet Helton Gillespie

…with her suggestion, The Atrocity Quintet.

Janet, shoot me an email at: jonathancg AT gmail DOT com and I’ll set you up for your $10 gift ecard to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the Kobo books store.

And thanks to everyone that entered.

Stay tuned.