The Superman Syndrome

June 19, 2011 in Other Stuff

Turn back the clock to a newspaper stand sitting idly at some miscellaneous street corner in the early summer of June, 1938. Your eyes scan the stand’s publications, flipping past the grim headlines of the day, and settle on the bright artwork and bold title of Action Comics, #1. On that cover, you find a character that is so utterly appealing in that age of financial depression, despotic power grabs, and civil listlessness. This is Superman, lifting that car like it is the easiest thing on Earth — this alien at once a part of home and so enticingly removed from it. Read the rest of this entry →


A quick word about Michael Vick

August 23, 2007 in Other Stuff

Seldom will you see a glimpse into my political or moral bearings on this site. But there are some things I think even an entertainer (at least, I hope I entertain folks) has to say their peace about.

So I’ll say mine: It disgusts me that already people are batting around discussion about whether or not this sleaze bag will play pro ball again. What the hell is wrong with people? If Vick was some random person off the street, you wouldn’t give it a second thought about his career being ruined.

And you know what? It should be ruined. This wasn’t a crime that a criminal should recover completely from. Vick didn’t rip off the IRS or get caught with dope. He strangled, beat, and drowned dogs that didn’t perform well enough in a sport where people watch and bet on abused animals tearing each other to shreds.

He can’t go back and un-torture those animals. I don’t care how repentant he gets; I don’t care if he cleans up his act completely. You can’t resurrect these dogs and give them happy homes. The damage is done, and it’s done forever. Vick should be so lucky that he lives in a society that will only slap him with minor jail time and a lost career. And I question the ethics of anyone that comes out to see this guy play pro ball, if he ever does so again.