Duotrope’s Digest, and Congratulations…

March 12, 2008 in General Topics

You know, Duotrope is a useful utility, but it seems like some of the markets out there register oddly in the search criteria. I keep finding all these other markets — some fairly prominent — are mis-categorized.

A classic example came up today: Chizine. Heard of it a while back, but had no idea it was still out there. Running a search on Duotrope for “Horror” publications, it doesn’t even seem listed, unless you scroll down to “Secondary Matches”.

I’d consider Chizine straight horror, or at least accepting horror, so I don’t know why it’d be called a “secondary match”. Wierd. It appears I’ll now be relying more on Ralan’s in concert with Duotrope.

By the way, my hats off to Graham Fielding and Michael Anthony, both regular visitors here, both whom have had fiction picked up very recently. Michael has work inbound for Pseudopod, and Graham snagged a slot on the Barren Worlds Anthology.