99 cent books! (September 2017)

September 19, 2017 in General Topics, Other Stuff

99 Cent Science Fiction and Fantasy Books!

I hope you enjoyed last week’s promotion, and found a number of new works to enjoy.

This week we’re pleased to present a number of 99 cent discounted eBooks from a host of science fiction and fantasy authors. If you’d like to check out this deal, just click the image below:

In case you can’t see the above image, you can access the promotion through the below link:


Have a terrific day!

Free Books, now until April 16th!

April 11, 2017 in General Topics, Other Stuff


This month’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Bonanza promo features more than one hundred science fiction and fantasy titles. It’s a terrific opportunity to discover new books and authors, and more than a few of these folks are bestsellers posting lead-ins to well-regarded series. Just click the link below to grab those books:


I’ve chosen to highlight Parts I and II of the Beacon Saga Serial, available as a single download in the format of your choice. It’s a great way to start the Saga.

Enjoy, with our thanks!

Free Science Fiction & Fantasy Books through the 19th of February!

February 15, 2017 in Other Stuff

Looking to score a huge haul of free and sample versions of a ton of science fiction and fantasy books? Now’s your chance. I’m pleased to announce a reader’s sample version of Revenant Man is just one of many titles you’ll find in this huge basket of books. There’s something for everyone, from fantasy romance to sci-fi techno-thrillers.

Don’t let me keep you waiting. Head over to http://sffbookbonanza.com/freebooks/ and check it out!

Lost Another Good One: Eugie Foster

September 29, 2014 in General Topics

It’s been a rough year for the speculative fiction podcasting community, where many of my earlier stories first came to light. I’ve always liked these people, not just because they’ve provided outlets for my work, but because they truly love spec fic and often pour hours into what they do for absolute chump change, if any financial reward.

Earlier this year we lost P.G. Holyfield, nice guy, author, and a notable in the podcasting community. (FYI, Holyfield did some voice work on my tale “Tex’s Last Run”, on Variant Frequencies).

One of the first authors to see their flag raised as a result (in part) of the community’s collective efforts was Eugie Foster. Her fiction placed on many of the well-known podcasting outlets. The bulk of her work, the last I checked, was fantasy shorts, particularly those inspired by folklore. They weren’t for me, but that was purely a subjective decision–they just weren’t my kind of fiction. I liked her science fiction a lot more. “Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me” is my personal favorite among Eugie’s vast body of work. It’s a fantastic story. Go check it out.

In fact, check out whatever you can of Eugie’s. Because she was a great writer, and had a breathtaking talent for imagery. Read the rest of this entry →

Review: Critical Failures, by Robert Bevan

November 20, 2013 in General Topics

Minor profanity blurred on this image of the cover.

Minor profanity blurred on this image of the cover.

If the other books I’ve reviewed are polite visitors, then Robert Bevan’s “Critical Failures” is the guy in the GWAR T-shirt that cussed out a neighbor, drank all the vodka, and passed out in the bathroom.

This book spends a lot of time in said bathroom. Bevan answers the truly burning questions in the fantasy genre, such as “How badly does an orc’s feculence stink?” and “What god does a Dwarven cleric pray to when he forgot to designate one?” As you might guess, this one’s not for kids by any stretch of the imagination–the profanity comes early and often.

Tim, Julian, Dave and Cooper are four friends that seek to assuage their day of boredom working at a local chicken restaurant with a game of “Caverns and Creatures”, the book’s stand-in for the pen-and-paper RPG we all know and love. Said game will be run by a “Cavern Master” named Mordred, who has a fragile ego, only a loose connection to reality, and a bag of magical dice. Having him meet the exceedingly-caustic Cooper creates a situation as stable as a Soviet nuclear reactor. Read the rest of this entry →