Update on The Tyrant Stratagem

August 2, 2011 in General Topics

So I think I’ve finally crossed the imaginary boundary with the comments received back from the Expert Reader, in which I’ve hopefully made enough revisions to satisfy any lingering concerns he or I had about the story as a whole.
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Feedback for “Best in Class”

November 24, 2008 in General Topics

Here’s some feedback for “Best in Class”, recently published in Murky Depths #6 and as a freebie on Variant Frequencies. I deeply appreciate this feedback, no matter its nature:

Feedback on Murky Depths’ forum:

So what’s your favourite story in Issue #6?

“Best In Class” by [Jonathan C.] Gillespie is probably mine.

I’m struggling to decide between both of those. But, if pushed I’d probably say Best in Class for the accompanying artwork and the twist at the end. And the fact that its written from the car’s point of view.

I would have to say ‘Best in Class’ was the most enjoyable and original story of the lot, although I thought ‘The Last Marianne’ was a great read – really nice take on a ghost story.

Feedback from Variant Frequencies listeners:

As for this story, it was interesting, the idea of AI’s coming into daily life is usually fun for me.

Cool story and great read by Chuck. Miss him & Kreg on ChuckChat but still great to hear him orating again.

(Chuck Tomasi’s reading was spot-on, IMHO)

I must confess, this one didn’t work for me. The transition from guy having the last cool car on Earth to guy goes crazy trapped inside the “I’m sorry Dave, I can’t let you do that” car lacked much of a natural progression. The guy seemed to get freaked out to early and to easily for me to buy it.

Sorry it didn’t work for you, but I really appreciate the feedback, Mr. Ed from Texas. Maybe I’ll have better success with you next time.

From E-mail, blog correspondence:

Just wanted to tell you I dug the hell out of “Best in Class.” It was a pleasure to listen to it on VF, then reread it in MD. Knight Rider for the postapocalytic age. Keep up the good stuff, man.

And now probably my favorite below:

I imagine I was predisposed to loving this story. I deeply love Knight Rider, and this is an excellently dark and tragic vision of the world of the talking-servant-car. To me this story really gets at the heart of what moves me in end-of-the-world fiction. There’s the sense that there’s beauty, wonder, and power enough to prevent the terrible end – but it comes anyway. It’s something like tragedy, but on an impersonally large scale.

And that slow suffocation ending. Ah… now that’s horror!

Thanks so much, everyone!