“Old Clara’s Favorites”, now live on The Drabblecast

May 21, 2008 in General Topics

Right now, head on over to The Drabblecast and check out Norm Sherman and co’s fine treatment of “Old Clara’s Favorites”, a horror piece originally featured here in my “free fiction” section.

I think you’ll enjoy the extended edition I put together just for the folks over at the Drabblecast, but beyond that, I encourage you to subscribe, if you haven’t already.

This has been a good year for me in audio: four stories have made the jump, and counting.

I’m in good company, too. D.K. Thompson’s excellent “Saint Darwin’s Spirituals” recently ran over on Variant Frequencies, and after a listen, I can give it my official endorsement. This is an eerie tale with an interesting take on the supernatural.

Much love to D.K., and all of you listeners at either podcast whom might have wondered in this direction.

“Old Clara’s Favorites” will appear in “The Drabblecast”

May 10, 2008 in General Topics

I’ve sold the non-exclusive audio rights to “Old Clara’s Favorites”, a little horror piece of mine, to “The Drabblecast”. Although this is the same tale that you can find under my free fiction section, the version they’ll be running is expanded to add a few more bits of detail. Oh, and it’s edited better. Keep in mind, I wrote the original version of this tale completely stream-of-conscious last Halloween, so I cleaned it up a bit for these guys.

I’m thrilled to know I’ll have work go live on Norm Sherman’s neck of the woods. I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while now, and I personally think his episodes are consistently top-notch; the style and length thereof more to my liking than some of the other big players in this segment of the speculative fiction universe.

I highly suggest you drop by and subscribe, if you haven’t already.

I’ll be posting an announcement here, as always, when the tale goes live.

In other news, I see D.K.Thompson has a new tale up with my friends over at Variant Frequencies. Kick ass. Although I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, the premise sounds wonderful, and I’ll post my honest thoughts and feedback once I’ve given it the once over.

Congrats, DKT.

Stay tuned.

Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2007 in General Topics

A free tale of horror from yours truly. See below.

In honor of this most haunting of holidays, I’ve decided to give a few tricks to go with your treats.

Click here to read a free story of mine titled “Old Clara’s Favorites”. This requires a .pdf reader. Feel free to pass it around. And have a great All Hallow’s Eve.