Short Fiction Collection Name: Contest Winner Announced!

March 22, 2012 in General Topics

Well, folks, I really appreciate the suggestions in this last week’s contest to name my upcoming short fiction collection. As it turns out, of all the suggestions, the one that I liked the best was: Read the rest of this entry →

Contest: Name my first Short Fiction Collection; WIN a $20 gift card from Target!

March 16, 2012 in General Topics

What the heck am I naming this collection?Alright folks, here’s the deal. In addition to The Tyrant Strategy series getting launched in late summer \ early fall, I’m also going to be publishing a short fiction collection.

And I need your help naming it. For your ten seconds of time, I offer you a $20 gift card from Target if I use your suggestion.
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Until the end of the world…

April 21, 2011 in Other Stuff

Longtime readers of my fiction might get the impression that I’m some kind of doom prophet concerning the state of the world now, and in the future. Nothing could be further from the truth.
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Story Feedback

October 25, 2007 in General Topics

I’ve been following from an excited distance the opinions folks have rendered on “Paston, Kentucky”, ever since it first appeared in Murky Depths #1. I’m not used to accolades, but I can’t help but find gems like this enjoyable:

In “Paston, Kentucky”, Jonathan C. Gillespie gives us an exciting adventure about three men who are mankind’s last hope against an army of artificially-created drones who attack and eat anything metal.

Sam Tomaino, SFRevu

I’ve always been grateful for any honest feedback, negative or otherwise. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to review this publication’s first issue, and double thanks to those who spent words on my modest effort.

On an unrelated note, Halloween is coming up, and I feel like celebrating in true writer fashion. You won’t see shots of me in a costume on this site, but if you come back on All Hallow’s Eve, you might find a literary treat waiting for you on this blog.

Tangent Review of “Paston, Kentucky”

September 9, 2007 in General Topics

Phil Soletsky had this to say about my tale in issue one of Murky Depths:

“Paston, Kentucky” by Jonathan C. Gillespie posits a postapocalyptic world decimated by metal-gathering robots run amok. I’m skeptical that a lack of metal would, in fact, lead to the complete downfall of our society (we’d probably replace many things with conductive carbon composites), but given that I’m willing to suspend that little piece of disbelief, I found this one of the most enjoyable and fast-paced stories of the issue.

Check out Mr. Soletsky’s thoughts on the rest of the issue here.