Podcast Story Review: “The Horror of Their Deeds to View”, by Lizanne Herd

April 30, 2011 in General Topics

I think it will be fun, as well as rewarding and enjoyable to the writers involved if I occasionally review a tale that winds up out there in the podcast world. To kick off this semi-regular feature of the site, let’s look into the atmospheric, dreadful world of several prisoners in Lizanne Herd’s story “The Horror of Their Deeds to View“, Pseudopod’s 224th Episode. Spoiler Alert, folks.
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A well-deserved Plug

May 6, 2008 in General Topics

I’d like to highly recommend you checking out Michael Anthony’s piece, “The Guardian”, currently live over on Pseudopod. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Michael’s writing efforts take off roughly in-step with my own, so it’s always inspiring to see him get his due, but beyond that, this is a damn good story.

Mike ramps the tension nicely in this one and fleshes out a stark and terrifying setting, all told from the viewpoint of one courageous young girl.

Good stuff!

Sign of the times

February 6, 2008 in General Topics

In case you weren’t aware, take stock of these newer entries to podcasting (short fiction markets, specifically):

  • Clonepod — This one is three months old, but has an editorial staff of three and has already turned out work.
  • Drabblecast — I have found this podcast a very pleasant surprise, with good production values and great fiction. Even better, its desire for shorter stories makes it easy to cram a listen into your day.
  • Podcastle — The upcoming sister podcast to both Pseudopod and Escape Pod.
  • Well Told Tales — Not as new as the others, but a science fiction podcast well worth your attention anyway.

To my knowledge, all these came after Steve Eley’s experiment-cum-success with Escape Pod. Maybe in the future, they’ll call him the John W. Campbell of the short fiction podcast market (though I’m sure by that time, we’ll be downloading pod fiction directly to our parietal implants).