The Beacon Saga Continues!

March 4, 2013 in General Topics, Slideshow Topic

Beacon - Part II

Beacon – Part II

Without you readers, and your kind feedback, we wouldn’t be here. That’s so important to me that it’s the first sentence of this post.

I am honored to give you Beacon – Part II, the second installment of the Beacon Saga. She weighs in at more than twice the length of the first part — north of twelve thousand words.

You can grab a copy right here from the Amazon store front appropriate to your country (or region), for just $.99 US (or the equivalent). As always, I like to let the tale do the talking, but here’s the blurb on the product page to whet your appetite:

Everything ends. Everything falls. For centuries, that was the fate of those in Beacon’s orbit. But now Mally and Tersias have a chance to change that–if they can survive.

Those of you who had signed up for my mailing list knew this release was coming. More to the point, you’re also privy to some other relevant information that folks reading this post aren’t aware of. Do tell them to join you. Remind them that if they sub to my list, they’re always ahead of everyone else.

As always, I want to thank all of you that are helping to make this serial a reality. Now strap in. Mind your orbit. Enjoy your reading. And please–if you want to help me out, remember that the best thing you can do is tell a friend.

Stay tuned.