Woot I say

August 18, 2007 in General Topics

I received my contributor’s copies of Murky Depths and have read a few of the pieces within.

Simply put, I echo sentiments that this magazine is a work of art. Everything has come beautifully together — the fusion of prose, poetry and graphic novel have blended to create an interesting hybrid that manages to easily hold one’s interest. The two runaway hits I’ve seen so far in my initial readings are Gareth D. Jones’ moving piece “Looking In, Looking Out”, and “The Other Woman”, by Chris Lynch, which manages to be emotionally involving and downright disturbing at the same time.

One of my favorite things about the mag is it does not demand an hour or more to finish each tale — many can be read in fifteen or twenty minutes, which lends the anthology a wonderful rapid-fire feel, and also makes it schedule-friendly to those of us with limited reading time in our lives.

In my humble opinion, this is the magazine to watch over the coming year.