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Against all odds, Fujita’s Liberation Army has defeated the threats set upon it and grown in power. But notoriety has consequences, starting with the appearance of an envoy from the Eastern States of America. They’ve much to discuss with the general, like his plans for expansion, which could carry him into their own territories…and the all-conquering Red Hand, a mysterious wraith who has unleashed his armies across the world.

Facing this and the return of the enigmatic Nartuni at the helm of a war fleet, Fujita will need the help of his allies. Reed Barowe stands ready to launch his own campaign, first hurling his elite unit against the Serpican Police. And he’s prepared to use methods Fujita wouldn’t. Because Reed isn’t just gunning for victory. He’s out for revenge.

This is ASCENDANT ARMY, the third and final book of THE TYRANT STRATEGY.