Contest: Name my first Short Fiction Collection; WIN a $20 gift card from Target!

March 16, 2012 in General Topics

What the heck am I naming this collection?Alright folks, here’s the deal. In addition to The Tyrant Strategy series getting launched in late summer \ early fall, I’m also going to be publishing a short fiction collection.

And I need your help naming it. For your ten seconds of time, I offer you a $20 gift card from Target if I use your suggestion.

The Rules: Post your suggestion below in the comments, along with some way to contact you (email, site, twitter, whatever). I’ll announce the winner within a week, so keep an eye on this blog. (Disclaimer: Target and its subsidiaries are in way involved with, or endorsing, this contest.)

Now, on to the meat.

The collection has five stories. Four of these tales were published elsewhere (“Todd Elrin and the Forever Reset” is coming soon via the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine), and they were all well-received.

The lineup:

  • “Spired”
  • “Paston, Kentucky” (Originally published in Murky Depths, Issue 1)
  • “Eee” (published twice!)
  • Best in Class” (This one is a two-time award nominee!)
  • “Todd Elrin and the Forever Reset”

The tales have all been edited, but the collected manuscript needs to head off to a copy editor. And then comes the cover, and so forth.

All these tales are dark science fiction (except “Todd…”), and in almost all of them the protagonist(s) are involved in some sort of travel through an alien landscape, in particular a dangerous landscape.

I’m planning on the short story collection launching alongside The Tyrant Strategy, Part 1, and it will be available in ebook format on a variety of platforms, just like the Tyrant Strategy series will be.

If I use your suggestion, a $20 Target card is in your future!

Stay tuned.