Fiction For Every Reader.”

Popular media is now a race to the bottom. The growing obsession with Eros and Thanatos is on full display. Our culture’s entertainment contains graphic, sadistic violence, rapid-fire profanity, and characters that are cardboard stereotypes of their real life counterparts.

Great fiction relies on quality of dialog and the development of unforgettable characters. It stands on imagination. Such tales invite reflection and discussion between parents and children, neighbors, friends, and coworkers.

In our obsession with edginess we risk losing sight of how powerful positive fiction can be.

Beyond simply selling books, I want to bring new readers into the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror; readers who aren’t even aware they could enjoy these genres. I will do that by ensuring quality in the work I produce, and crafting fiction accessible to a wide range of age groups. And I hope you’ll be along for the read.

Fiction for every reader.