Short Fiction Collection Name: Contest Winner Announced!

March 22, 2012 in General Topics

Well, folks, I really appreciate the suggestions in this last week’s contest to name my upcoming short fiction collection. As it turns out, of all the suggestions, the one that I liked the best was:

“Sojourns Through Conflicted Lands” — James Sumners.

I don’t know if I’m actually going to use his suggestion or not, but it was my favorite of the suggested titles, so he’s the winner of the $20 Target Gift Card.

I’ll be in touch soon, Mr. Sumners, to get your details to send the card your way.

And in case you missed the details on the short fiction collection itself:

The collection has five stories. Four of these tales were published elsewhere (“Todd Elrin and the Forever Reset” is coming soon via the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine), and they were all well-received.

The lineup:

  • “Spired”
  • “Paston, Kentucky” (Originally published in Murky Depths, Issue 1)
  • “Eee” (published twice!)
  • Best in Class” (This one is a two-time award nominee!)
  • “Todd Elrin and the Forever Reset”

I’m planning on the short story collection launching alongside The Tyrant Strategy, Part 1, and it will be available in ebook format on a variety of platforms, just like the Tyrant Strategy series will be.

Keep an eye on this blog because things will be ramping up quick towards a late summer/early fall launch of these titles!

Thanks to everyone that visited, and double-thanks to all those that gave suggestions!

Stay tuned.