Sniplits picks up “One Night at Ollie’s Stump”

January 15, 2008 in General Topics

So there’s my first sale of the year. Sniplits, an upcoming audio e-magazine, has contracted “One Night at Ollie’s Stump” for publication once their site goes live. As I understand it, production is slated to hammer out the work in audio format in the next week or two. I’ve also earned more off this tale than I have any other thus far — good pay for a small-press site, in case you’re wondering.

I’m excited about Sniplits. I’ve read-up on the concept and I think the market will take it. Anne Stussey, editor-extraordinare, really is a pleasure to work with, being all those things you want editors to be: approachable, friendly, and excellent at communicating. I’m sure this venture of hers is going to take off.

The story itself is a comedy piece. That’s right, a comedy. It’s all about a backwater town in a fantasy kingdom. It’s all about notoriety suddenly visiting a place known only for its single bar, “Ollie’s Stump”. It’s all about a group of misfits, the tough woman working the counter who’d likely knock your head off if you called her a maiden, and a local mage with all the ambition and half the preparation that makes for an accident waiting to happen.

I’m not one of these writers you’ll really be able to nail down as falling into one genre or another. I think limited range can be a trap, can doom a writer to one kind of reader. I put on whatever hat feels right when I sit down behind the keyboard. For this tale, the jester’s cap fit perfectly.

I’ll let you know when it’s live. Stay tuned.