This is a full list of currently available and upcoming titles.

The Beacon Saga (Serial)

beacon_125pxBeacon (Part I)
(Science Fiction Space Opera)
At the last star in the Universe, a young couple has done the impossible. They have conceived. And something has noticed.
beacon_125pxBeacon – Part II
(Science Fiction Space Opera)
Everything ends. Everything falls. For centuries, that was the fate of those in Beacon’s orbit. But now Mally and Tersias have a chance to change that–if they can survive.
beacon_125pxBeacon – Part III
An unlikely quartet of scouts have dodged the Shroud and crossed hostile space to a new star. But an impossible discovery–and a sudden disaster–will test them in ways they can’t imagine.
beaconIV_125pxBeacon – Part IV
The scouts thought getting home meant they were safe. Now, they’re targets.
beaconV_125pxBeacon – Part V
In the wake of a surprise attack, a family struggles to reunite.
beaconVI_125pxBeacon – Part VI
Hope can be the most dangerous force in the universe. The battle for Estuary begins.
beaconVII_125pxBeacon – Part VII
Alliances collapse. War rages. But a child’s secret could overshadow it all.
BeaconVIII_125pxBeacon – Part VIII
Out of time and out of options, a desperate alliance will risk everything to stop an interstellar war. The conclusion of the Beacon Saga.
thecompletebeacon_125pxThe Complete Beacon Saga
All installments of the Beacon Saga, plus a special bonus, available at a value price over buying each installment separately.

Short Fiction Collections

Sojourns Through Troubled WorldsSojourns Through Troubled Worlds
(Science Fiction Thrillers)
Dolphin soldiers, Autonomous metal-seeking drones, and an AI-equipped luxury car (on a drive through the apocalypse) are just a few things awaiting readers of this collection.
cindered_souls_125pxCindered Souls
A collection of five short fiction phantasms to tingle the spine. Includes a double award-nominee.

Short Stories

outlawcon_125px“The Outlaw Contractions”
(Science Fiction)
FBI Agent David Warren thinks he’s seen it all, working Reborn Affairs. He’s never seen this. A Kindle-exclusive short story.


The Tyrant Strategy: Redone First Book and new Second Book — 2015

Legacy / Retired Titles

Revenant Man 125 px heightThe Tyrant Strategy: Revenant Man
(Dystopian Military Science Fiction Thriller)
An alien-equipped covert agent, on the run from his own people, joins forces with a seemingly-reincarnated warlord.
Book one of
The Tyrant Strategy.