This is a full list of currently available and upcoming titles.

The Tyrant Strategy

(Military Science Fiction Thriller)
An alien-enhanced super soldier goes on the run with a man appearing to be the reincarnation of an infamous military genius.
(Military Science Fiction Thriller)
As Fujita’s growing army faces its most dangerous foes yet, the ally he most needs–Reed Barowe–is plotting to abandon him.
(Military Science Fiction Thriller)
Fujita and Barowe face their respective nemeses in the last battle for the fate of the world.

The Beacon Saga (Serial)

beacon_125pxBeacon (Part I)
(Science Fiction Space Opera)
At the last star in the Universe, a young couple has done the impossible. They have conceived. And something has noticed.
beacon_125pxBeacon – Part II
(Science Fiction Space Opera)
Everything ends. Everything falls. For centuries, that was the fate of those in Beacon’s orbit. But now Mally and Tersias have a chance to change that–if they can survive.
beacon_125pxBeacon – Part III
An unlikely quartet of scouts have dodged the Shroud and crossed hostile space to a new star. But an impossible discovery–and a sudden disaster–will test them in ways they can’t imagine.
beaconIV_125pxBeacon – Part IV
The scouts thought getting home meant they were safe. Now, they’re targets.
beaconV_125pxBeacon – Part V
In the wake of a surprise attack, a family struggles to reunite.
beaconVI_125pxBeacon – Part VI
Hope can be the most dangerous force in the universe. The battle for Estuary begins.
beaconVII_125pxBeacon – Part VII
Alliances collapse. War rages. But a child’s secret could overshadow it all.
BeaconVIII_125pxBeacon – Part VIII
Out of time and out of options, a desperate alliance will risk everything to stop an interstellar war. The conclusion of the Beacon Saga.
thecompletebeacon_125pxThe Complete Beacon Saga
All installments of the Beacon Saga, plus a special bonus, available at a value price over buying each installment separately.

Short Fiction Collections

Sojourns Through Troubled WorldsSojourns Through Troubled Worlds
(Science Fiction Thrillers)
Dolphin soldiers, Autonomous metal-seeking drones, and an AI-equipped luxury car (on a drive through the apocalypse) are just a few things awaiting readers of this collection.
cindered_souls_125pxCindered Souls
A collection of five short fiction phantasms to tingle the spine. Includes a double award-nominee.

Short Stories

outlawcon_125px“The Outlaw Contractions”
(Science Fiction)
FBI Agent David Warren thinks he’s seen it all, working Reborn Affairs. He’s never seen this. A Kindle-exclusive short story.


The Tyrant Strategy: Redone First Book and new Second Book — 2015

Legacy / Retired Titles

Revenant Man 125 px heightThe Tyrant Strategy: Revenant Man
(Dystopian Military Science Fiction Thriller)
An alien-equipped covert agent, on the run from his own people, joins forces with a seemingly-reincarnated warlord.
Book one of
The Tyrant Strategy.